Safe, Non-Toxic Nailpolish for Kids


My daughter is not even two yet so thankfully I have not entered into the realm of painted nails and salon visits.

But when I came across Piggy Paint I immediately took note.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog many times, I am working to cut out as many chemicals from our daily lives as possible. And we all know nail polish contains the big “F” which scares the heck out of me (incidentally, many popular baby shampoos and body washes also contain formaldehyde).

The Piggy Paint line of non-toxic, kid-friendly, completely safe nail polish is the perfect alternative for little fashionistas. It is available in any color you could ever want. And they even have an all natural nail polish remover which works great on Piggy Paint AND traditional nail polishes.

Now I can’t wait for my daughter to start asking to have her nails done!



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You Know You’re Pregnant When…


I don’t really miss being pregnant.

Sure the little kicks and one-on-one bonding time were great. But overall it was a sweaty, uncomfortable stage in my life that I’m glad is over. Luckily I got a prize at the end to make it all worthwhile!

So when I read the article You Know You’re Pregnant When on the Baby Tips Online website I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s a hilarious look at just how comfortable it can be to share your body with someone else for 9 months. Take a mommy break and go read it now for a good laugh (and another bonus is it also acts as good birth control if you’ve been having baby fever lately!)



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A Craft and a Keepsake all in One!


I’ve mentioned before how much I love doing crafts with my kids.

And although they are still a little young to create their own popup books, I have already ordered two of the Create Your Own Popup Books from Gift Hero for a couple of years down the road.

I can already see myself pulling these out of their memory boxes one day when they are grown and laughing at how much fun we had creating them.

I love a craft that also makes a great keepsake.


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A Fun and Functional Personalized Gift

pers_plate_both We have a very eclectic mix of kids plates in our house. Collected from years of travels and trips to IKEA.
It’s always fun to let the kids decide which one they want to use (unless they pick one that is currently dirty, in which case it is a pain to have to wash dishes before I can serve a meal!)
When I saw these personalized melamine plates I couldn’t wait to add them to our collection. They come in all sorts of fun and vibrant patterns for girls and boys. Personalized with the child’s name or your last name.

They also make really cute birthday gifts because they are both fun and functional. And as all us moms know, you can never have too many kids plates.

Check out all of the different designs of personalized plates and other unique first birthday gifts.

But be warned, they’ll love them so much you’ll find yourself having to wash them before every meal!


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Monsters, Monsters Go Away…

My son has recently started to be afraid of monsters. Now every night before bed our routine includes the usual stories, lullabies, hugs and kisses… and promises that we will “keep the monsters away!”

We’ve tried telling him Grandpa drove them far away in his truck and that Spiderman rounded them up and got rid of them, but to no avail.

So I decided it was time to get creative and concoct a “Monster Away Spray”. For now it is just water in an old plant sprayer but it works like a charm. Of course once he gets a little older this may not cut it (if he’s still afraid of monsters that is) so I may need to consider something more tangible. I was thinking of adding essential oils to the water so he could smell it doing something.

For those who want a ready-to-go solution, check out Monster Go Away Spray. It is an all natural product that comes in a funky silver bottle and smells of lavender and sweet orange.


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Shoes that are SUPPOSED to Squeak

squeaky_shoes_black This is one of my favorite finds for new walkers. Shoes that squeak with every step!
The look on my daughters face when she took that first step in her brand new squeaky shoes was priceless. Once she saw my husband and I giggle at the noise she realized she was on to something and took off running (and it feels like she hasn’t stopped since!)

They quickly became her favorite shoes and she now has several pairs. Rarely will she leave the house without her squeakies! Thankfully the squeakers are easily removed for occasions when we need quiet footwear. Or when mommy has a headache.

There are lots of different styles of squeaky shoes to choose from for both boys and girls.

Happy squeaking!


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Visit Mommy Message Boards? You Need These Survival Tips…

Before I even got pregnant with my first I started on a popular message board (which shall remain nameless) and quickly learned that being able to so easily connect with such a wide group of hormonal women is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand they definitely had a lot of information and – if you caught them on a good day – support.

But there was also alot of bickering, fighting, insulting and downright nastiness.

So when I read Amy’s post at Assertagirl entitled “rules for surviving pregnancy message boards” I found myself nodding so vigorously I almost got whiplash.

If you visit mommy message boards now or are considering visiting them in the future this is definitely a worthwhile read. If you’re not, read it anyway to remind yourself why you should stay far, far away!


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