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The Birthday Shirt My Daughter HAD to Have

My daughter just turned four and she absolutely HAD to have this personalized birthday princess shirt to celebrate in. It fits her to a tee!


It was the perfect outfit for the perfect day.  We celebrated with her closest little girlfriends and did Princess crown crafts, ate a Princess cake with pink ice cream and had lots of fun.


Checkout the Birthday Princess and Birthday Prince shirts as well as other first birthday shirts and birthday shirts for toddlers in a bunch of different themes.


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I’m baaaaack!!!

Isn’t it crazy how sometimes you are lying in bed at night and all of sudden you remember something out of the blue and you think “why the heck did I just think of that?!?”

That happened to me yesterday when suddenly I remembered this blog.

If someone had of asked me when I last posted I would have guessed months ago, not YEARS ago. Time sure does fly when you’re trying to survive two kids having fun!

Since I’m here now I’m going to see what I can do to revive this little piece of nostalgia and share some of what is new and notable in my life.

See you again soon,

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