Have you ever seen a cuter cookie?


I can just picture my mother-in-law coming for tea over the holidays and I whip out one of these.  She woudn’t believe her eyes.

They are no doubt time consuming to make but definitely worth it (to impress the heck out of my mother-in-law if for no other reason).

If you’re interested in making these cute as cute can be gingerbread house mug side cookies, visit the Not Martha blog for instructions and the details on different methods she tried to make them delicious and adorable.

Definitely on my short list of all time favorite cookies!



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The Birthday Shirt My Daughter HAD to Have

My daughter just turned four and she absolutely HAD to have this personalized birthday princess shirt to celebrate in. It fits her to a tee!


It was the perfect outfit for the perfect day.  We celebrated with her closest little girlfriends and did Princess crown crafts, ate a Princess cake with pink ice cream and had lots of fun.


Checkout the Birthday Princess and Birthday Prince shirts as well as other first birthday shirts and birthday shirts for toddlers in a bunch of different themes.

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I’m baaaaack!!!

Isn’t it crazy how sometimes you are lying in bed at night and all of sudden you remember something out of the blue and you think “why the heck did I just think of that?!?”

That happened to me yesterday when suddenly I remembered this blog.

If someone had of asked me when I last posted I would have guessed months ago, not YEARS ago. Time sure does fly when you’re trying to survive two kids having fun!

Since I’m here now I’m going to see what I can do to revive this little piece of nostalgia and share some of what is new and notable in my life.

See you again soon,

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Summer Fun!

What are you doing for fun this summer?

We have been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to post in almost a week! Lots of camping, canoeing, swimming and long lazy days hanging out by the lake.

Some of that time I have been dreaming up lots of great things I want to share with you. So watch for new posts this week with more of my favorite sites, products, jokes and everything else that’s cool for mom.


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Cute New Onesies


At Pipsqueak Boutique they have been adding more and more handmade baby items. I LOVE them ALL!

One of my favorites is the cute new appliqued onesies. The “Crabby” design cracks me up and is perfect for a boy or a girl.

They have other gender neutral clothes as well which make great baby shower gifts when you don’t know what the new baby will be. This one will be for my niece who has more than her share of crabiness.

This is still my favorite baby store by far. Their selection of cute stuff just keeps getting better and better.


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If Households Were Run Like Big Corporations

I recently started reading the Deep Friar blog. It completely cracks me up! The author has a major attitude and doesn’t apologize for it.

The post on If Households Were Run Like Big Corporations is so true it’s scary. If you’ve ever worked for a large corporation (or watch CNN) you can totally relate.

Take a mommy break and go have a laugh!


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Baby Products… Formaldehyde… WHAT!?!?!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that many popular baby products contain formaldehyde. After thinking about it last night, I realized I had more to say on that topic.

Specifically, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!?!?

If you haven’t yet read about the findings of the new study that uncovered this, you can read about it in the USA Today article Group finds carcinogens in kids bath products.

As a mom and a consumer I find this completely unacceptable. We entrust the health of our children to these organizations and this is the best they can do?

From now on I plan to question everything.

Don’t take for granted that just because something is made for kids that it is safe. Choose all natural options when you can. At my local organic food store a bar of all natural soap is less than $2. I use it on my kid’s bodies and as a shampoo. Simple, cheap and I know exactly what each ingredient is on the label.

I hope you’ll join me in choosing more natural choices for your family.


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